M&A deal - IT company


         Location - next to the Technical University and student’s dormitory. Offices (750m²) located on 20 acres land, belonging to founder. Available space to construct new 3000m²-office (big building on picture). 7 minutes from downtown in a park with 70% clean forest all around (pure eco environment for workers). Purpose is to become biggest hub for experienced and fresh IT people in the country . Available 3-4 cooperation strategies, depending on investor’s plans, dedication and financial possibilities.

         Founded in 2013 COMPANY offers services to customers mainly in Western Europe and specializes in Telecommunications, Fintech, Insurtech and eHealth. The growing IT team consists of 50+ Software Developers, Project & Product Managers and Q&A specialists, mastering Microsoft technologies (.NET,C#...), Java, JavaScript frameworks, NodeJS, iOS and Android. Overall 40 projects for 32 clients and 5 in-house projects.